Cyprus Local Directory –  Advertise in the Paphos District

We are the only island wide Nursing Care Agency in Cyprus.  As such, advertising is a key factor to our continued success and expansion.  The Cyprus Local Directory helps provide us with valuable advertising coverage.

I met with the team from the Cyrus Local Directory about 5 years ago and I initially placed an advert in the Polis and Latchi directory.  The advertising worked and paid for its self within a few months. When it was then decided to publish the Peyia and Coral Bay edition, I thought this seems like a good idea.  The same result – SUCCESS.   I was later asked if I wanted to advertise in the new Paphos edition, it was a simple YES PLEASE!!

I am now a firm believer in the power of these directories.  The directories are distributed widely all year around the whole of the Paphos area and it is free of charge. I am now just waiting for the Limassol edition. (The Limassol edition is now also available).

I have happily endorsed the value of the directories to many friends, all who have been more than happy with the results. It is also free to read online as well –

Remember, when you need a nurse or a carer, in your home, in hospital, or on holiday, you will find us in all of the local directories. You can also phone us (+357) 99 341 799 or simply visit our website.

We offer a free, without obligation visit to discuss your care needs, almost anywhere in Cyprus.

As part of our expansion we are always on the look out for new staff; either nurses or qualified carers.  Please apply through the link on the website homepage headed  Recruitment.

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