Nursing Care

Here’s a few of the Nursing Care services we’ve helped other clients with. It’s not an exhaustive list, if the help you need is not mentioned.
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We provide treatment and general health advice, whilst considering the safety and security of patients. This in turn promotes good health and well being, which reduces exposure to adverse effects, including injury and infection.

We will monitor vital signs e.g. blood pressure, temperature, fluids and administration of medication.

All general nursing functions are covered, including pain relief, patient comfort and post operative rehabilitation.  This might also include care and rehabilitation following a stroke, heart attack, or perhaps after you have had a broken limb.

To ensure a safe and healthy living environment, we can educate patients and families on safe practices to help prevent infection and disease.   This includes mouth care, skin care and pressure sore care.  A clean and safe environment aids a patients recovery.

Through good communication skills we are able to liaise with medical staff, patients and family.  Whilst monitoring progress of treatment we can liaise with your doctor and other care professionals.  Our staff also ensures equality and patients rights, without discrimination.

If you require assistance with dietary, nutrition and basic exercise programmes, we have specialist nurses who can recommend suitable solutions.  A well balanced healthy diet aids recovery and assists in promoting a healthy lifestyle.

With your permission we can record and maintain medical records, which allow us to track and react to changes.  In maintaining records we can also better assess and plan your care, which enables us to provide you with the best care possible.

Specialist members of our team are able to conduct physiological and psychological assessments, including planning and associated treatments. Our nurses can also treat and monitor wound care, stoma care and diabetic care.

Through initial and ongoing training, our nurses can safely handle medical equipment used during care, including hoists and wheelchairs. We will also monitor and control mobility problems, to include assisting in moving and handling when required.

Where necessary our staff can administer treatment and medication safely and within prescribed dosages. We will also monitor and inspect patients health needs and ongoing medical problems and consult with hospitals and family doctors if required.

In the hot climate that we live in, it is essential to remember that sufficient fluids are necessary for a body to function correctly.  Constant fluid monitoring and fluid administration is a crucial part to ensure a patients well being and to prevent dehydration.

We always strive to ensuring quality of life is maintained, with dignity and respect. Our clients are real people and having an illness does not mean that they have to give up on trying to lead a normal lifestyle. We will aide and assist clients to live a safe and as normal a lifestyle as possible, within their physical and mental capabilities.

In times of distress and bereavement, we are able to deal with and manage this situation and we have the necessary skills and services available to offer advice, assistance and support.
Sunshine Carers Cyprus Nursing Care

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We’re considered by many as the leading Home Care Nursing provider in Cyprus, after all, we do cover the whole of Cyprus – and we’re rightly very proud of that.

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We won’t make promises we can’t keep and we will never forget how important you are to us.

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You have your own needs, wants and likes – we always respect and encourage that. Keeping a strong sense of your own identity helps you stay healthier and happier. Every client is provided with an individual plan to suit their individual needs!

Nursing Care

Read More about the Nursing Care services we’ve helped other clients with. If the help you need is not mentioned – please contact us

Care Assistant Services

We’re all as individual as snowflakes – and so are your Personal Home Health Care needs. Here’s an idea of the help we can provide…

Need Help on Holiday?

If you’re planning a holiday in Cyprus and need Personal Health Care, we can provide a nurse or a carer whilst you’re here in Cyprus.

Domestic Assistance

As an addition, we can also provide domestic assistance for normal daily household chores, inside and outside your home.

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