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about us - sunshine carers cyprus

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Sunshine Carers Cyprus (Nursing Agency) was an inspired creation and a much needed service to Cyprus, made possible as a result by Mark and Ada Davies, back in March 2011.  Together, and in addition with our supportive care team, we are able to provide Health Care and Home Care Nursing throughout much of Cyprus, except Nicosia and The North of Cyprus.  Furthermore, we know that there are a large number of people in the Republic of Cyprus who are not able to get the care that they really need and deserve.  Therefore, our aim is to change that and to make a real difference to the homecare support provided in Cyprus.

Our care team at Sunshine Carers Cyprus will always treat you as a private individual.  We create a care plan that is adjustable and based on your changing needs. In addition we provide the care and support you need – only when you need it – in the safety and comfort of your own home, as respite on holiday or whilst you are in hospital.

about us - sunshine carers cyprus

Sunshine Carers Cyprus care team provides support with you with home health care and domestic assistance.  Our care team consists of both nurses and qualified carers.

Our aim is to help you live an enjoyable and comfortable life in your own home with whatever care you personally need.  The Sunshine Carers Cyprus care team will provide you you a level of self-reliance, dignity and control over your own life.

In addition, our specialist care team of nurses and carers are ready to assist you and we’re only just a phone call way!  Why not call us for an informal chat and see how we can help – our number – (00357) 99341799.

About Mark…

What really motivates me and provides me with a feeling of happiness and a sense of achievement, whilst working in home health care, is the opportunity to make a true difference to our clients quality of life.  In addition, allowing them to remain in the safety and privacy of their own home really does assist and improve their happiness and well being.

As part of my background, I have over 15 years of experience working as a Voluntary Worker.  This experience includes working with retired military veterans, mentally and physically handicapped and senior citizens. The benefit is that I have acquired various skills that have assisted me in ensuring that myself and our supportive care team provide you with the best homecare possible.

In addition, another element of my background includes Health & Safety and Security Management – so, as a result, when I initially visit your home, I am able to complete a survey of your home, (with your permission of course).  Ultimately, my aim is to ensure that you have the best safety and home security possible, to ensure a secure and comfortable environment to live and work in.  This is of course in addition to the reliable homecare nurse/carer support that we provide as our basic service.

Therefore, due to my business management and accounting background, I have been able to build a strong foundation to our business.   As a result, when you decide to choose us, at Sunshine Carers Cyprus – you know we’re going to be around to help you in the long term, as our supportive care team is expanding on a daily basis.

Like you, we are all individuals with our own particular strengths and characteristics. All our care team are chosen on qualifications, personality and quite importantly – life skills.

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About Ada…

Occasionally I am asked why I enjoy homecare and nursing.  It is a simple answer; as it provides me with an opportunity to show people how you can care for clients, and offer them dignity, give them love and keep them comfortable in their own home.  When clients remain in their own home, they feel safe and loved, in an environment they recognise.  In addition it is important that their family and friends around them. This additional security and stability greatly assists clients rehabilitation and well being.

One of my nursing assignments was in a private hospital which was run by Monks. The patients we cared for where people with dementia.  As a result I learnt many lessons, but importantly I learnt that every individual should be cared for with love ,respect and dignity.

One of the things we were told and I will never forget this fact is, treat people like you want to be treated yourself.  I have remember these words and aim to ensure all my clients are cared for with, respect, understanding and dignity.

These are not just simply empty words; they are words which are often forgotten. Therefore, as a result,  I made myself a promise to always listen.  In addition, I aim to ensure that I obtain as much information as possible about a client.  This ensures that our care team provide the client with dignity and respect.

In addition, I have learnt that when you are caring for people you need to be a good listener.  Our care team take pride in the service that they provide.  It is additionally important to remember to provide care with understanding support,  whilst providing a sense of feeling.   Always remember to treat people as a private human being, not as just another person. I believe it goes a long way to ensuring that clients cherish the love and care that you provide them.

What Makes Sunshine Carers Different?

We’re considered by many as the leading Home Care Nursing provider in Cyprus, after all, we do cover most of the Republic of Cyprus, except Nicosia – and we’re rightly very proud of that.

We Do What We Say We Will...

Many services based companies forget this somewhere along the line – we promise you – WE WON”T.

Most importantly, we won’t make promises we can’t keep and we will never forget how important you are to us.

We Will Never Forget Your an Individual...

You have your own needs, wants and likes – we always respect and encourage that. Keeping a strong sense of your own identity helps you stay healthier and happier. Every client is provided with an individual plan to suit their individual needs!

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